can I use cyton daisy extension board without the main board?

lunarbrainlunarbrain India
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I would like to connect cyton daisy extension board without the main board with some other development board such as Raspberry pi, Arduino, esp32 etc.
How should I make the connections and provide power supply?



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    The warranty associated with the Daisy board may not be honored, if something were to happen that causes damage to the board in such a hookup.

    Two types of filtered regulated power are needed for the board. (DVDD/GND, and AVDD/AVSS/AGND), which will not be found on the microcontrollers you mention. Additionally the Bias circuitry components are on the main Cyton board, and are intended to act together as one coherent Bias / Ground system.

    I do recall there is a Raspberry Pi board available, contact developer for status:

    The graphs shown on that last page indicate significant noise level. (Thick fuzzy EEG trace.) This may be because the board is picking up noise from the Pi below it. I believe I also saw other recommendations from the developer on noise reduction, such as connecting the Pi GND pin to the subject body. Be sure you use a battery pack for powering.


  • @wjcroft thank you the reply. I am aware of the warranty associated with it. My reason to ask this question came up when I was thinking to repurpose Daisy board with additional components to use it as a standalone EEG device. I belive someone has asked a similar question before but didn't any replies.
    Thank you again for sharing the links but I am fully aware of those projects. Sourcing those device in my country would be a bit challenging hence I was thinking if I can repurpose my daisy board with additional component before designing a new one.

    Thank you again :)

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    TI has this eval kit,

    In your case you would discard the 'motherboard' they provide, and only use the daughter board containing the ADS1299. It's only $200 so not too expensive.

  • lunarbrainlunarbrain India
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    Thank you. I never looked at it like that. Thanks again. Do you know any other ads1299 based tiny board like that which I can interface with development board and test it?

    Edit: I will try to get the evaluation board.

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