I´m struggling with my ganglion board because when I make the impedance test, It shows impedance levels of 10737.7k on every channel I´m using. Because of that, I can´t take any measurement, so I wonder, what could be wrong? I have try it on different subjects, and It delivers the same impedance values.
By the way, I´m using disposable electrodes because I realized they worked better than the dry ones, in terms of impedance. However, it is not working now.

Any suggestions? or answers to solve this?
Thank you


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Ana,

    If you are seeing the same impedance on every channel, suspect your Reference electrode connection. Because with EEG, this is shared as the paired differential pin with each EEG channel. So inspect all the connectors, cables, electrode, etc. You can also use a DVM ohmmeter to check these items.

    When you mention 'disposable' are you referring to the self-adhesive pre-gelled foam backed type sold in the Shop? These should give excellent impedance if used correctly.


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