Troubleshooting & Clarification (Beginner)

Hello. I've been using the Ultracortex MarkIV with the Daisy + Cyton boards and v5.2.1 of the GUI. The main problem I have is that the waveforms in the time series graphs appear identical in most of the 16 channels. I've attached some screenshots to show what I mean. Other common problems I've been having include intermittent packet loss warnings/data streaming errors, railed time series channels, and poor impedance checks on certain channels even though all the electrodes are screwed in all the way. Hardware settings and filters are left at default, hopefully that's optimal. I also did the FTDI fix that was described in the documentation. The dongle is connected straight to the PC port since I do not have an extended cable, which I believe improves the signal slightly. The headset is fairly new and all the electrodes look grey so they shouldn't be worn down or anything. I do tests in a tech lab so maybe there's some electronic interference but I'm usually the only one in the room and the other PCs are typically in sleep mode.
Other things I'd like to clarify:

  • Railed means the signal is too large for the vertical scale correct? To get clean data, the channel should say not railed or at least near railed?
  • On average, what range of values should the uVrms be per channel?
  • On average, what should the head plot look like? pale colors? darker colors in areas where activity occurs? blue corresponds to negative voltages while red = positive right?
  • Should I change the hardware settings/filters?
  • For impedance checks, would values below 2000 kOhms be good enough for decent readings?

(I believe the data streaming error that appears on these screenshots was due to low battery whereupon it failed to generate any waveforms, but I've usually had it to where the dialog box appears despite waveforms appearing. Maybe the latter happens due to delay between when I press start streaming and when data is received.)

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