Cyton-Emotibit integration

TilanoTilano United States
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My goal is to do tremor studies. For that I need to record 4 EMG chanels plus 2 Accelerometer chanels (3 chanels foer each upper extremity). I was thinking on geting a Cyton board plus 2 emotibit, but I am not sure if it is posible to integrate the data from both equipments.
Thanks for the help


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Tilano,

    If you are writing your own Python (or other languages) code to talk to Cyton and Emotibit, then the integration should be straightforward.

    In terms of the OpenBCI GUI, I think I heard some plans for integration of Emotibit into the GUI user interface. Not sure about timelines or features. Mentioning Richard @retiutut.

    My hunch with the complexity of your planned application, is that you will be using Brainflow from your language of choice.


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA

    Totally possible right now using BrainFlow + Python (for ease of coding)! You could also record Cyton with the GUI (for visualization), and still export a BrainFlow CSV. Then, use BrainFlow + Python for the Emotibit. Supporting multiple boards at the same time in the GUI might be technically possible, but there would be work on the front and back end to account for this.

    Great topic. I say try it out! It's doable in any language that BrainFlow supports. Would love for such code to be made public and possibly shared by OpenBCI!

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