connect a buzzer directly to Cyton?

EngolaEngola Iraq
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If I want to connect a Buzzer directly to cyton board is it possible ?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Engola, hi.

    There is no existing support in the Cyton firmware. What is recommended instead is to either use a small Arduino board plugged into your laptop usb port (usb serial port). OR if you are using a Raspberry Pi with usb ports, plug the Cyton dongle into the Pi. In both cases the Arduino and Pi have GPIO pins that you can connect buzzers and LEDs to.

    In the case of the Arduino on the usb serial port, the OpenBCI GUI has a 'Networking Widget' that can send user selected data to your Arduino. Your Arduino sketch can then act on those serial port data values.


  • thank you
    I will try it

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