Is openBCI hardware still being actively developed?

Im wondering if the hardware is still under active development, the latest rev is quite old and a lot of components are obsolete/EOL. 5 years is an eternity for hardware. Would it be easier to develop a shield/add-on board for an existing microcontroller/platform than to maintain a bespoke board?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Next generation BCI board level products are in the early planning stages. A lot of the engineering effort is going into the Galea project and current customers of that.

  • joeartusojoeartuso United States

    Great question. Yes, we're actively developing the next generation of boards (e.g. cyton/ganglion). Like wjcroft mentioned, a lot of the R&D that has been going into Galea is relevant for our next gen of boards as well. We already know that we'll be adding wi-fi support, higher channel counts, and support for new types of sensors.

    Any specific features are you interested in?

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