What are the appropriate values for the ultracortex electrodes? I think I have too high impedance

rjm111rjm111 San Diego

I get an impedance value of around 4500 - 5500 kOhms when conducting an impedance test on the GUI. When I select 'live' instead I am able to get the channels to read 'not railed'. Not sure why the test and the live are so different. Also the voltage amount falls between 5 uV and -5 uV. From seeing others work, it seems like my impedance value is drastically over the standard and the voltage is very low. I only have one reference earclip electrode but am missing one. Would that be the culprit? Also when I remove an electrode after it has adjusted and said 'not railed' it seems to still be giving the same signals as the other electrodes, therefore leading me to believe that all I am capturing is noise and nothing else.


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