Daniel Ingram's meditation vs Ketamine therapy - RESULTS

I thought everyone would be interested in the EEG results from measuring meditation vs ketamine therapy. We used the Muse S headset (the Ganglion board got similar results, but was harder to help subjects set up remotely). The meditation subject is Daniel Ingram, a well-known teacher who practices the "Stages of Insight" (book: Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha). His meditation is characterized by an increase in gamma and beta on AF7 and AF8, with a consistent dominance by the right hemisphere. The Ketamine measurements were made with a member of our mutual community who has a few years of experience with meditation and is currently doing weekly ketamine sessions through a clinic. There are strong similarities on all bands at the AF8 location, as you can see below. I hope these results inspire others to continue their own research!

Some more results from Daniel using AI analysis of EEG explained here: https://danielexhibit.web.app/
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