Ganglion testing with a function generator



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    @fdarvas said:
    Strange enough, I only get any kind of signal on channel 4. All the other channels just dont seem produce any meaningful signal.

    Have you checked your switches are set to differential mode? Otherwise they use the REF pin as common reference.

  • Yes, so the switch settings are a bit hard to see - but I got the right configuration for channel 3:

    100 mV PP @ 10 Hz over 20/5717 voltage divider

    200 mV PP

    400 mV PP

    400 mV PP @ 5 Hz

    400 mV PP @ 2 Hz

    so this is looking good I think.

  • After testing, we found that the problem only appeared when the accelerometer is enabled and only on channel 4. We have a fix for the bug and it will be included as part of the next firmware release. I'll update this thread when that release is finalized.

  • edited October 2023

    The problem @fdarvas reported regarding noise on Channel 4 should now be resolved in v3.0.2 of the Ganglion firmware.

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