External IMU's on the Ganglion board?

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TL;DR What is the easiest way to connect external IMU's to the ganglion board and record them sync'ed to the EEG channels in the board using the digital or analog ganglion ports?

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[Long read]
We want to perform some experiments using limb movements as our labels for the EEG recordings. We want to detect limb movement with accelerometers connected to the ganglion so that the EEG and the IMU data stream are sync'ed and sampled with the same clock. We are planning to use the embedded accelerometer in the ganglion for the head. But we also need movement in extremities for our purposes. We have been checking the documentation and resources and it seems that this is possible. However, it is hard for us to put together what would it take to achieve sync'ing several external IMUs with the EEG recording in the ganglion (using the ganglion as the sampling board).

So far these are the options that reading the documentation we have come up with but there is probably an easier way that we are unaware of.
Option 1 (easiest):
Modify the source code to enable the digital/analog Ganglion inputs to sample digitally and connect the IMU's via cables to those inputs.
- What communication protocol should we use?
- Are these digital inputs recorded as additional channels alongside the EEG?
Option 2 (hardest):
Modify the source code to sync via bluetooth different data streams (ganglion + IMU's). This is probably a much difficult and complex project.

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