firmware version of Cyton board

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Novice q. How do I validate version's of firmware of Cyton and Daisy modules. Is there an option/command in OpenBCI Gui that shows these values? Can someone please point me to step by step instructions how to a)identify the firmware and b)how to update it if needed? Thanks everyone


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Hawk,

    I assume you purchased your Cyton + Daisy recently? If so, it already has the latest firmware, and needs no updating. DO NOT attempt to update firmware without customer support approval. Firmware versions have not changed for years. The PIC32 and RFduino firmwares are on the Cyton mainboard. There is NO processor or firmware on the Daisy board.

    If you have a terminal emulator program on your laptop, and connect to the dongle serial port, typing the command '?' will display Cyton debugging info, including firmware version.


  • Thanks so much!

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