CYTON pin 7 (O1) is railed when no wires are attached to Cyton

CyrusCyrus Silicon Valley, CA

Cyton board has no wires attached, and is powered by a fully charged battery, and is placed away from sources of electrical noise. Pin 7 (O1) behaves differently than the rest of the pins. The GUI shows that it is railed most of the time, and on the occasion that it un-rails, it displays a much higher % than the other Cyton pins. Hardware problem?
Cyton v3 - 32, OpenBCI Gui v5.1.0


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Cyrus, hi.

    Is this a new purchase? Have you tried emailing to (contact at, customer support?


  • CyrusCyrus Silicon Valley, CA

    William, thanks for replying. Not yet, I wanted to explore if it is a normal issue with the software, or possibly a known feature of the Cyton board, before I consider it to be a product defect. Do you think it is a defect?

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Usually when no electrodes are connected, there is a slight bit of noise on the channel. And you can see that in your image, about ~ 1.3 uV, on all channels except 7. So yes, it does look suspicious.

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