Z acceleromter shows 1g even when no cables connected to Cyton or Daisy boards

CyrusCyrus Silicon Valley, CA
edited December 2022 in Cyton

I take the Cyton board, with a Daisy module attached, with a fully charged battery. Neither board has any cables attached to it. I place them on a solid surface that is stationary and is located away from any A/c (electrical) noise. I power them on. I attach with the OpenBCI GUI. The X and Y accelerometer values are 0.0x g, but the Z value varies between 0.992 and 1.002g
To identify the Cyton board, it is v3 - 32. The Daisy module is v3. The GUI reports it is v5.1.0


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Cyrus, hi.

    Please try emailing to customer support at (contact at openbci.com)


  • CyrusCyrus Silicon Valley, CA

    Thanks for your reply, William.

  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA

    @Cyrus Thanks for reaching out. This seems to be completely normal behavior. I am attaching a screenshot of my personal Cyton+Daisy when I gently touch the all of the pins with my fingers at once. I have the board sitting in a case on my desk, and you will see that my values are almost the same as what you describe.

    I think this means that your device is functioning properly. :smile:

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