Cyton dongle problem: no blue light, serial/COM port was found but couldn't connect to the board

Hi, I am new to OpenBCI biosensing devices.
I give the devices a try, but I encountered a problem.
I cannot connect the Cyton dongle to the Cyton board. I use OpenBCI_GUI v5.1.0

The first time I plugged the dongle, there is no blue light. But I can see serial/COM port of the device in my OpenBCI_GUI and in Windows Device Manager. So, I guess the FTDI driver works fine.
But I got the "Error reading from serial port" message when clicking the AUTO-SCAN button in the RADIO CONFIGURATION.

And when I click the AUTO_CONNECT button in the SERIAL CONNECT section, I got this error "Unable to connect to Cyton. Please check hardware and power source." During the AUTO_CONNECT process (before raising the error message), there is blinking yellow light on the dongle.

I use fresh batteries for the Cyton board, so I guess there is enough power, indicated by the blinking blue light on the board.

This problem is different than what was discussed in this forum
since the problem persist when I tried the dongle using 3 different operating systems: PC with Windows 10, PC with Debian Linux, and laptop with Windows 11.
And I also didn't experience "Serial Port in use. Try another port or unplug/plug dongle" problem.

Is it a radio connection problem?
And how to solve it?
Please help, thanks.

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