Ganglion Not Starting Data Stream (Windows 10 5.10 GUI, 2.0.1 Firmware)

VeeVee USA
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I've got a Ganglion board I want to tinker around with, but when trying to use the OpenBCI GUI it tells me it can't start the data stream. (It's possible I need to go to BrainFlow forums to ask questions, but figured I'd try here first.)

Error message:

[DEFAULT]: openBCI_GUI: startButton was pressed. Starting data transfer, wait a few seconds.
OpenBCI_GUI: openNewLogFile: opened ODF output file: C:\Users\willi\Documents\OpenBCI_GUI\Recordings\OpenBCISession_2022-06-03_15-50-40\OpenBCI-RAW-2022-06-03_15-50-55.txt
OpenBCI_GUI: BrainFlow Streamer Location: file://C:\Users\willi\Documents\OpenBCI_GUI\Recordings\OpenBCISession_2022-06-03_15-50-40\\BrainFlow-RAW_2022-06-03_15-50-40_0.csv:w
Brainflow start streaming
ERROR: Exception when starting stream
brainflow.BrainFlowError: Error in start_stream:SYNC_TIMEOUT_ERROR
    at brainflow.BoardShim.start_stream(
    at OpenBCI_GUI$BoardBrainFlow.startStreaming(
    at OpenBCI_GUI.startRunning(
    at OpenBCI_GUI$TopNav.stopButtonWasPressed(
    at OpenBCI_GUI$TopNav$2.controlEvent(
    at controlP5.Controller.callListener(
    at controlP5.Controller.setMousePressed(
    at controlP5.ControllerGroup.setMousePressed(
    at controlP5.ControlWindow.mouseReleasedEvent(
    at controlP5.ControlWindow.mouseEvent(
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor5.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at processing.core.PApplet$RegisteredMethods.handle(
    at processing.core.PApplet.handleMethods(
    at processing.core.PApplet.handleMouseEvent(
    at processing.core.PApplet.dequeueEvents(
    at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(
    at processing.opengl.PSurfaceJOGL$DrawListener.display(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.displayImpl(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.display(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLAutoDrawableBase$
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl(
    at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL(
    at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow.display(
    at com.jogamp.opengl.util.AWTAnimatorImpl.display(
    at com.jogamp.opengl.util.AnimatorBase.display(
    at com.jogamp.opengl.util.FPSAnimator$
    at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
[ERROR]: Failed to start data stream. Please check hardware. See Console Log or BrainFlow Log for more details.

Setup details and initial diagnostics/testing:
Windows 10, latest GUI (5.1.0 at time of posting), board is running latest Ganglion firmware (2.0.1)
-confirmed running software as administrator
-confirmed board is on the latest firmware
-using a Ganglion Bluetooth dongle
-GUI will detect the board and connect, but upon clicking 'Start Stream', freezes for a few seconds, then displays the above error message in the console
-installed BrainFlow with dependencies (Java) separately just to see if that would help
-read through this discussion:

What I haven't done yet but might do:
-reload the Ganglion firmware; the board is from the Kickstarter days and I managed to get it hardware-programmed for OTA updates but it's possible I goofed on that somewhere and need to reflash it - the unit shows 2.0.1 for the software revision string, so I think it should be fine

Any help would be appreciated; I'm thinking I'm missing something but not sure.
Thank you! -Vee


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