Seeking help with Ganglion amplifier and BioEra software for 1-2 channel EEG training

mhbermanmhberman philadelphia
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we have not found a way to consistently get a good clean eeg signal showing up in the Bioera oscilloscope with the ganglion. I am hoping to make this work and need some technical support on this one. I'm happy to buy an hour of someone's time to get this solved once and for all.
Marvin Berman [email protected]


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Marvin, hi.

    We exchanged some recent emails on this same topic, and including the BioEra developer (Jarek) and George Martin, who has consulted with you in the past. None of the suggestions / comments in those emails helped your situation?? As I recall, the last emails suggested installing the BLED112 driver directly (from link supplied), to ensure that your Windows machine is using the correct driver. Without that driver, BioEra will not be able to find the dongle. As I recall, your situation is working with a range of (some of them old) laptops that were not self-configuring with the correct driver.

    If you are seeing "clean EEG" showing up in the OpenBCI GUI, but NOT showing well in your BioEra design, then I would suggest there may be issues with your design / wiring / scaling / etc. Jarek might have a suggestion on the BioEra forum. It always helps to have a 'minimal' (smallest possible BioEra design), that is 'failing', to debug any BioEra issues. I'm doubting that this is an issue with the core BioEra.

    Related recent thread:

    Again mentioning George Martin, @George%20Martin for any insights he may have.


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