connection issues using Ganglion with Bioera app for neurofeedback

mhbermanmhberman philadelphia
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We are experiencing a rather endless frustrating series of failures with our home neruofeedback training set-ups with PCs that are several years old (3-4) running win10 and the problems are not the same in most cases. The most recent one is that the Bioera software is not connecting with the Ganglion while the GUI is recognizing the dongle BLED dongle there is no data stream showing up nor is the impedance function working. I'm thinking that there may be too many process break points in the sequence of connections for this to be a workable home training solution. If anyone has real experience with Bioera software or the Ganglioni I'd be happy to pay for their time to get this resolved one way or the other.
thanks. The signal quality in others is poor and yet others are fine. It makes no sense now.
Marvin Berman


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Marvin, hi.

    Have you tried communicating with Jarek Foltynski, the BioEra developer, directly? He usually responds promptly to posts made on the BioEra support forum. And can also be contacted directly via his email address.

    Another great resource person is George Martin, 'GMartin' or 'Gmartin3' on that forum and @George%20Martin on our own forum. He uses BioEra and Ganglion regularly with clients. And also supports his own neurofeedback protocol designs and clients using BioEra. Martin

    I'll send you a private email with the direct emails for George and Jarek.

    Regards, William

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    I realized after commenting above here on this thread -- that there was a preexisting email thread on a related topic with Marvin, George, and Jarek from September 2021. I am just forwarding that email thread stream to all involved. So likely any further resolution should be via that channel.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Jarek replied to Marvin, George, and I via email:

    I think that may be related to the fact, that the BlueGiga drivers on Windows 10 behave differently than previous versions of Windows. They are not always installing as they are supposed to right away. BioEra is looking for the 'BlueGiga' serial port name, and if the driver is not properly installed, then it can't find it.

    I noticed that BlueGiga driver is part of optional Windows updates now. Direct updating of the driver (right click + "Update driver") is not always enough. At least twice I had to also execute optional Windows updates in order for this to work.

    Best way to debug before BioEra is started - open Device Manager and see if there is "BlueGiga" in the serial port name. If not, update the driver.


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