read from Ganglion with Python on Windows?

edited November 2021 in Ganglion

I've been trying to read from the Ganglion device on Windows and am not really sure how to make progress. The bluetooth dongle and electrodes work, but I want access to the raw data in real time so I can build a program that responds to the input.

First I was going to try pyOpenBCI but I saw that it only works on Linux. Is this true even though my Ganglion uses bluetooth and not wifi?

Then, I saw the tutorials use pylsl but they were all cyton so I wasn't sure if it would work with the Ganglion. Lastly, I am trying to use brainflow but when I run the script that reads data from the board it it says:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'brainflow.board_shim'; 'brainflow' is not a package

Any help on these issues would be appreciated!


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