Cyton dongle blue light won't stay on

I'm trying to use the Cyton board by connecting the Cyton dongle to my PC. When I plug it in, a blue light turns on and a red light blinks. The blue light stays on for about 5 seconds then turns off, and when I try selecting "auto-connect" before and after the blue light turns off, it says "No Cyton dongles were found". I'm using a Windows PC and the Windows version of the software. What should I do to get my PC to read the dongle? The blue light turning off makes me think that it's not physically staying connected at all.


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
    edited September 12

    Make sure you have the FTDI driver installed: Found under the section "CYTON DONGLE DRIVERS".

    Has this dongle ever worked correctly? How long ago did you purchase it?

    Maybe the USB port could be broken or not have enough power? You could try another port or a powered USB hub if you have one on hand.


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