driver "Latency Timer" fix for macOS 11+ & M1 M2



  • The FTDI drivers are not recompiled for Apple Silicon, you can install them but they won't load on M1/M2/Mx machines. You can examine the actual loaded drivers with the "kextstat" command once they are plugged in. Or ioctl if you are really into driver software. There isn't really a reason to use the FTDI drivers since Apple made it part of the standard OS install.
    When installing the FTDI drivers you should get a System Security/Privacy warning to authorize the installation of a non-Apple driver. That has to be done through the system preferences. It will NOT install in /System/Library/Extensions in any MacOS in the last 10 years. Additional kexts are installed in /Library/Extensions.

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    @sth thanks for your comment.

    However I think the emphasis of this complete thread, is that now the preferred solution is available with the IOCTL to adjust latency that is built into Apple's driver. Do note that FTDI continues to say on their website, that their VCP drivers are M1 M2 compatible. So I ask in future posts we concentrate on the IOCTL testing and comments.

    FTDI refuses to provide an 'easy' way to adjust latency on their driver, despite many requests from customers on the above FTDI Community forum thread. Their only stated option for M1 M2 users is outlined in that thread, involving complex building and signing instructions. Really awful. Especially since they make it so easy for Windows users.

  • this pr is open since September what is the final decision? Should I merge it or close?

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Andrey, hi. We definitely want your fix with the new ioctl. But what about the testing issues? Can Richard @retiutut or someone with M1 or M2 test? I understood you do not have the newer Mac.

    Also involved in testing, is checking to see if this works on older Intel Macs and both macOS 11+ and macOS 10.x. Mentioning @Shirley @conor. Documentation also needs adjustment, and removal of the FTDI driver if they installed that.

    Thanks again, does it seem to work with your existing Mac?


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA

    On it and and near the top of my priority list. Been spending a lot of time evaluating various Mac OS, including 13.

  • does it seem to work with your existing Mac?

    I have no Mac anymore and cannot test it

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