Cyton how to DIY build ?

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Need to build an eeg setup for myself, but having a very tight budget. I know an electrical engineer in my city that I had asked 2y ago to build tdcs from a simple scheme and he did that for like 20usd total.
I'm considering whether this cyton board could also be constructed by him, thus saved on costs, because can't afford otherwise...

  1. can anybody tell me the approximate total cost of raw materials for cyton 8 channel board?
  2. If I wanted 128 channel eeg, is it possible to connect 16 of such boards together?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Dirigent,

    There is a Forum category for 'Build-it-yourself' / do-it-yourself Makers. I just moved your question to this Category. Look around for related posts.

    tDCS devices are generally much much simpler in terms of electronics, than EEG boards. Some tDCS units just consist of a 9 volt battery and a constant current regulation circuit. The EEG boards have many many more components and firmware than tDCS.

    You may want to consider the 4 channel Ganglion board in the shop. It will easily do neurofeedback with any of the common apps such as BrainBay, neuromore, BioEra, Brain-Trainer, etc. It's not possible to gang together the Cyton or Ganglion boards, because the sample clocks would not be synchronized.

    Regards, William

  • @wjcroft alright, do you remember the approximate raw material cost for cyton or ganglion board?

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