stream from two Cyton's at once, how to change channels? [resolved]

msl052msl052 Los Angeles
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Hello. I am trying to stream two Cyton boards at the same time. However, I am facing some interference issues where there is a cross talk with the two dongles of the Cyton board. I read in one of the forums that I need to change the channel but didn’t give any reference on how to do that. Have anyone tried this before? If so, can they advise me on how to make the channel change?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Expand section 5,

    Turn off both boards and remove dongles. With the 1st Cyton and dongle, turn them on and use the Get Channel to note their current channel number. Use adhesive tape labels to put this number on Cyton and Dongle. Now turn off/unplug, this pair.

    Turn on 2nd Cyton and dongle. Get Channel will probably show same channel number. Use Change Channel to pick another number; label both with new number.


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
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    Thanks for clarifying @wjcroft!

    Also, you could try separate the dongles with some space for better results (as confirmed by another user operating two Cytons). This can be done with a short USB extension cable or a powered USB hub.

    Would you happen to be the same individual who asked about this on BrainFlow slack? @msl052

  • msl052msl052 Los Angeles

    Hey @retiutut. No I wasn’t the one who asked about the BrainFlow. Thank you for the advice!

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