setup custom filters and time series graphs [resolved]

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Hello everybody,
I have a 4 channel Ganglion board and I want to be able to add different filters (I need selective filters, or rather different filters per channel) and time windows (I would like to add 30s window and more).

I would like to clarify that I am not good in coding, so if someone can help me in explaining where I should have a look at in the code in solve this, it will be really amazing (:

Thank you in advance to all of you!

(I am running the OpenBCI GUI From The Processing IDE on a Windows computer)


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
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    @Micaela This would be a new feature for the GUI. It's possible to do custom filters on a per-channel basis using BrainFlow Filters in any supported language, in this case Java. We would just need to make a User Interface (UI - buttons, dropdowns, etc.) to make this accessible for all OpenBCI GUI Users. I'm not sure now where this UI would go, but I understand what you are asking for.

    This has been requested before by internal OpenBCI team.

    Would you like me to make an official feature request on GitHub? You are also free to do this.

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    Thank you a lot for your answer and explanation @retiutut!
    Looking forward to see the new GUI for the filtering!

    Furthermore, do you know something about changing the time window on the time series (or others) widget?

    In any case I will be happy to do an official request on GitHub for both features (time window and filtering).
    Thank you again!!

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Richard, thanks.

    Micaela, hi. Another option you have is to use one of the existing BCI apps, that are programmable through a visual dataflow diagram. (These are called VPL's, Visual Programming Languages.) So no programming is required. Apps here include: 'neuromore', BioEra, BrainBay, OpenViBE, etc.
    [See the other app selections in the left column. These apps allow you to create custom filters and custom interface (graph) outputs.]
    [neuromore developer claims to now support OpenBCI BrainFlow, so should be Ganglion compatible.] [BrainFlow compatibility announced in June.]

    Note: while BioEra and neuromore directly support Ganglion, BrainBay and OpenViBE require more intricate setup. But can be done. So you may want to try neuromore first, which is free. BioEra is a paid app, used primarily in the neurofeedback field.

    Regards, William

  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
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    I'm sorry but I would not consider custom time windows and a time window of 30 seconds or more a reasonable request for the GUI due to the limitation of most users computers and Processing Java. The resolution of what can be seen on a 1080p monitor for this amount of time is also a hard limitation. I recommend using the Spectrogram widget to view FFT data over time. You are free to make CSV or BDF recordings with the GUI and view the recordings in another app. Also, I would still recommend using a Spectrogram graph in another app to view changes in brainwaves over a larger period of time.

  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
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    I've made a feature request on GitHub for custom filters, but I have also tagged this as low-priority until more users chime in saying this would be a valuable feature. Advanced users have the option and experience to use more technical applications to suite the needs of unique research requirements.

    The GUI remains a great tool to help users get started with OpenBCI, educate students about various biosignals, check the signal quality and connection with OpenBCI hardware, and prototype BCI projects while viewing data in real-time.

  • @retiutut, @wjcroft thanks a lot for everything !!!

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