Simulator for EEG signals.


I'm actually making an internship and I'm trying to build a simulator for EEG signals that should work with OpenBCI GUI. We have Cyton + Daisy boards, I studied the BLE GZLL part with the Dongle, made it work, and I'm now stuck with the WiFi part. As we don't have the WiFi Shield, I have carefully read all the documentation about it. I'm working with an ESP32 and I've found a project on GitHub using it and I based my work on it ( ). In my case, I don't need the ADS1999 part as I'm using the ESP32 to generate some random sine signals (for the moment), prepare the 33 bytes packets and send them via WiFi to my PC (the ESP32 is configured as AP and sending TCP packets). So far I'm able to show my signals in the GUI with 8 channels. The problem I have is when I try to switch to 16 channels the GUI doesn't show any signal. I might need some help to know how to fix this.
The data format for the 16 channels in WiFi is still 33 bytes ? (I saw that the boards are supposed to generate 32 bytes and the WiFi shield is supposed to add the 0xA0 byte but I'm not sure if it's still the case for 16 channels). Is the GUI interpreting packets like the ones sent in BLE ? (cyton value on odd sample numbers, daisy values on even sample numbers)
I changed the board name from cyton to daisy in my code, is that enough to force the GUI to understand that the incoming packets are data of 16 channels ? If it's not the case, what should I edit ?

I hope my problem is clear (sorry for my approximative english) and thanks for your time.


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