not getting expected results from VEP / visual stimuli EEG data [resolved]

RazanAbdullaRazanAbdulla India
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Hi @retiutut @wjcroft @evaesteban
I've acquired a Mark 4 headset + Cyton board from OpenBCI for a project related to brain signal classification. I've tested the helmet with some experiments mostly with visual stimuli. But so far I couldn't extract relevant information from the raw data signals. I've tried with 8 channels at different positions but results were the same. I've tried some custom neural network architectures as well.
Can you tell me what might be the possible reasons/give me some help for this work?
Can you provide sample VEP/visual stimuli raw EEG dataset so that I can try with my code? The links in your dataset-site are either invalid or leads to some university websites


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