Data synchronization across various boards

ArpitBArpitB India

I am using multiple boards like Arduino, OpenBCI and some other boards, I'm connecting it to the same PC. I am looking for a synchronization between all the boards for data collection, is there any automatic trigger available in openbci which can do the synchronization or do I need to do it manually using aux ports?

Secondly is it possible to collect the signals from multiple sources and store in the same file is the facility available in openbci( I'm aware that we can write a small code to do the same, but just curious to know if OpenBCI has this facility) ?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Arpit, hi.

    Did you look at the External Trigger section of the docs? On Cyton the 3 channels that by default carry accelerometer data (x, y, z), can instead record external analog or digital signals of your choosing. This is the normal way the EEG data stream is best synced with external event sources.

    Take care in connecting external voltages to the Cyton board. This is best done with an optoisolator, as shown on the same page.


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