can OpenBCI detect thoughts of words, shapes, colors, and then output text ?

NicsperoniNicsperoni Leesburg, VA
edited June 28 in Software

Which openBCI hardware and open source code could be used to translate shapes, colors, and texts onto a screen?
For example, if I wanted to think a thought with the word "cat", the color "green", and the shape "square", which hardware set would be best to purchase?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Nic,

    Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) cannot read thoughts. Can you be more specific on your requirements? Checkout this related thread which shows links and a video for the free MindAffect open source software which you can install to use with an OpenBCI board.

    MindAffect is not reading 'thoughts', but instead can detect when the user's visual attention is directed at one of the 'buttons' shown on the display screen.

    Regards, William

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