For Sale: Box Ultracortex "Mark IV" Headset with Cyton+Daisy Biosensing Boards 16ch and Headband Kit


I'm selling an OpenBCI Ultracortex set "Mark IV" EEG Headset (fully self-assembled, 3D-printed) with Cyton + Daisy Biosensing Boards (16-Channels), 16 dry comb electrodes, ear clips, wireless transmitter, OpenBCI USB dongle. We used it for some tests in the lab only; the hardware is working fine.
Price: $1300

I'm also selling a complete headband kit (for OpenBCI homepage for product description, the see homepage: for $150 (original price $199.99). As the "Mark IV"-box, we only ran some tests at the lab with the kit.

For further questions, please contact: [email protected]


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