Applying for Ethical Clearance

r_ronayner_ronayne Australia


I am using an OpenBCI cap to take some measurements of participants while they view a stimulus for my neuropsychology thesis.
My ethical application has come back asking:

"Please outline the experience of the research team in conducting experiments using EEG equipment."

My experience is limited to watching a lot of youtube tutorials and mucking around with my setup at home for the past year. I feel quite confident in setting it up and achieving appropriate channel fidelity etc.

I am struggling to find any short online courses that can give me some form of certificate to say I know how to put on an EEG cap and clean it between sessions etc. Ethics panels always like official certificates...
Has anyone completed a short official course in EEG application that they can recommend? Or have you had a similar issue and can advise how you addressed their concerns.

Thanks in advance...



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