Linux, "Found Cyton dongle but could not connect to the board" [resolved]

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Hello, I recently bought a Cyton with daisy. I can connect it to my Mac with no problem. When I connect it to my Ubuntu box, I got the error "Found a Cyton dongle, but could not connect to the board." The board is powered on. What can I try? I attached the error image. Thanks.


  • Thanks! That helps!
    I found that I still sometimes get connection error though ( as in the attached figure ), but retrying seem to be able to resolve the issue. I also tried to run with sudo which seems to always work on the first try.

  • justinjustin US
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    By the way, it seems like on my Ubuntu machine the streaming display can look stuck sometimes, at the same time I see lots of messages about lost samples, wonder if this is normal and is there any way to salvage the lost samples? (like use a wifi shield?)

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Try using a usb extension cable to get your dongle closer to the mainboard. You use the Packet Loss widget in the GUI to monitor changes in connection quality. You may even be able to just use the extension to drape the dongle over the top of your monitor. This gets it closer within line of sight.

  • Cool, that works. Now I have almost no packet loss. Thanks!

  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA

    @justin Awesome! Happy hacking!

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