Help with Cyton firmware!

Hello everybody! I've been reading about updating the firmware on the cyton (acquired after fall 2016). Something went wrong, as the Cyton Board is not working properly. I have been reading some forum discussions and they have guided me but I have not been able to solve it.

I followed every step of the tutorial listed here:

Anyway I list the steps:
1) Install Arduino
2) Open the Library Manager and install the lastest version for:

  • OpenBCI_32bit_Library
  • OpenBCI_32bit_SD
  • OpenBCI_Wifi_Master

3) Install ChipKIT Core Firmware

  • Add the chipKIT-core board files to Arduino IDE (I've tried version 1.3.1 too)
  • Select "OpenBCI 32" as Board
  • Select DefaultBoard
  • With the Dongle in GPIO6, plug the Dongle and power down the Board

4) Put Cyton in Bootloaded Mode
5) Upload the Firmware

The lights blinked as the tutorial indicates but the result is strange. The accelerometer is crazy and on channel 1 I always see a noise. Any advice on how to fix it? what am I doing wrong?
I am attaching a screenshot of the GUI with nothing connected to the Cyton board.

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