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mhadji05mhadji05 Cyprus
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I' m trying to connect my device with GUI to see the EEG activity. I put USB dongle on my PC the switch is closer to PC as said in the tutorial. On board I m trying both the switch on PC and BLE but I cant found SERIAL/COM PORT. List is empty. Auto-Connect, Auto-scan and refresh list is not working. My Bluetooth is on. I don't know if the communication is with Bluetooth. Do I need Bluetooth ?
Also i do this: In the section labeled High DPI scaling override, check the box Override high DPI scaling behavior and change from Application to System (Enhanced).

In the settings/ Bluetooth & other devices shows under the USB dongle the message:
"Driver is unavailable"?

One more question. what is the difference of the switch on board PC or BLE?
Please let me know.
Appreciate any help.

Thank you!


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Hi Marios,

    The Cyton power switch works in either position, PC or BLE. This switch position is not 'sensed' / read-out by the firmware; it just acts as a power switch only. Have you tried installing the FTDI VCP driver?

    I'd also recommend trying on another Windows machine, to eliminate issues with your hardware or OS.

    My Bluetooth is on. I don't know if the communication is with Bluetooth. Do I need Bluetooth ?

    NO. The Cyton dongle is a "serial port" / COM port device. It is not using conventional Bluetooth. Is this a new Cyton you recently purchased?

    Regards, William

  • mhadji05mhadji05 Cyprus
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    "Is this a new Cyton you recently purchased?"

    Yes it is a very new purchase.
    Ok drivers installed and works fine!

    I have two more questions:
    1) I have 2 earclips. I have connect the left to SRB. Where should I connect the right earclip?
    2) Also οn the Cyton Board in each channel (N1P, N2P, etc.) there are 2 connectors (nails) but we connect the cables on the nails where are closer to the MarkIV. What is the use of the 2nd row of nails?

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    The other ear clip is connected to the Bias pin.

    The actual two rows of pins are slightly mislabeled on the board, due to lack of space. The official Texas Instruments ADS1299 chip names for the two rows are: IN1N, IN2N, ... IN8N. This is the 'bottom' or closest to board row you use for EEG. Bottom SRB pin is called SRB2. The top row of pins is IN1P, IN2P, ... IN8P. These additional pins allow 'differential' mode applications such as EMG.


  • Great.
    Thank you!

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