How to remove rhythmic spiking in EEG signal?

dman2210dman2210 Idaho, United States
edited January 10 in Ganglion

I have been having a strange spike occur in my data every couple seconds that I don't understand. Here is a picture of what it looks like in the GUI with only the ear clips attached:

How can I stop these spikes from happening?

What I have tried:
-searching the forum
-changing operating systems and computers: Linux and Windows
-changing the number of connected sensors
-updating the firmware to the latest version
I also played around with many parameters in the driver properties on Windows, though the parameters did not seem consistent with the tutorial for the latency timer at
Finally, I went in to the registry to alter the latency timer there and set the value to 1.
I have attached a csv file of a run of the spikes with only the reference ear clips attached to the board.


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