Digital Input causes RAIL on all cyton channels

omaromar Seattle
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Hi All,
I am attempting to set up a two-button Digital Input on my Cyton. The schematic for the simple circuit I built can be seen here (replace Arduino with Cyton)
Here is also a corresponding Playground although this link will expire in 12 days or so
My issue is that when I plug it in to the Cyton (VDD to +, Ground to GND, Pins in 13 and 18 ), and start to Stream Data in the GUI, I get all >98% RAILED readings on the channels (I've been using only 8 channels so far). I created a video describing the problem with more details, but I'm happy to provide more info.

Video Link to my question

My biggest concern is that my circuit is set up in such a way that's not good for the Cyton. Definitely don't want to fry it! lol. I noticed that after removing my breadboard and restarting streaming, all the channels were RAILED. I had to do Impedance checks on each channel (I'm not really sure what it does tbh, I just clicked around until they no longer showed Railed). I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to
1. Set up my dual button circuit so that it works cleanly every time
2. Generally ensure my channels don't rail while I collect data (My experiment will involve collecting continuous data for over an hour every day so a stable signal will be very helpful)

My secondary question is: Why are some pins showing as 1 when there is no input to them. In the video channel 12 is 1 for no reason. And when I turn on Digital read without any input I get 2 or 3 channels that are 1 as well. I guess it's not a huge problem but curious nontheless :-)



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