Ganglion output to Simblee GPIO pins ?

rishannprishannp London, United Kingdom
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I am using an OpenBCI ganglion and seeing as there is absolutely to access to the simblee information, I am wondering whether i can and if how to interface the 16 pin headers which i understand can output information digitally or analog. Can anyone explain.

Thank you


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Hi Rishannp,

    Generally, care must be taken when outputting digital / analog voltages to any device which is recording EEG. This is because EEG signals are microvolt level. But GPIO output is in the range 0V to 3.3V. Millions of times larger. Any output wires carrying current from the board, will also have associated inductive / capacitive coupling to nearby EEG electrode input wires. Hence outputting can have an noise creating impact on the EEG inputs. If you can somehow work around this, your situation may be more feasible. Such as positioning output wires well away from input electrode wires. Using lowest possible current flow, etc.

    Usually a better solution is to use a separate Arduino board, on a separate usb serial port, as the device for outputting values. This also vastly simplifies firmware downloads and testing.

    For more details on Simblee firmware building see,

    Regards, William

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