can GUI visualize and analyze ANT+ and BLE sensor data on the Linux Pinephone

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The GUI v5 graphical user interface of the OpenBCI software is based on Brainflow and can run on ARM64 based devices like the Linux PinePhone:

This is good news. Matlab now has support for Bluetooth low energy sensors like the Polar OH1:

I suppose this is because my endless effort to promote these sensors for desktop applications like Matlab, and because of my many questions about this subject in the Matlab community, which could not be answered by the Matlab support team.

Newer Garmin watches can also broadcast Bluetooth low energy sensor data and can be used for the Matlab example. For sporting activities, the ANT+ standard is widespread, and should in theory also be used with Matlab:

Matlab home version for 100 USD is sufficient to use it for Bluetooth low energy sensors and ANT+ with MQTT. No additional toolboxes are necessary. As far as I know, Matlab is know the first often used desktop application which can process ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy sensor data. The Matla examples only need to be put together by a software engineer and spread widely. These ANT+ and BLE sports sensors are low cost high quality physiological sensors which can be used for all kinds of purposes.

But who wants to carry around a laptop with Matlab for sporting activities? There are several software projects available for ANT+ and BLE which where developed for the Rasperri PI, which can also run on ARM based devices like the Linux PinePhone:

also these projects should be put together by a software engineer, and integrated for instance in a special Linux PinePhone distro.

Since the GUI v5 OpenBCI software should run on the Linux PinePhone, it can be used as a software platform to vizualize and analyze ANT+ and BLE sensor data.


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