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Thanks for being part of the OpenBCI community!

Below are some tips / suggestions that will help your use of OpenBCI resources.


FORUM: (this site) link:

TWO WAYS TO SEARCH previous threads and comments on the OpenBCI Forum. Both of these are located in the right hand column of the forum page.

* The best method is to use the "Google Advanced Search" button in the upper column. This allows full Google search syntax and will search the entire OpenBCI site, not just the Forum.

* The other way to search (only this Forum site), is with the search box (with magnifying glass icon) at the top of the column. This form of search is limited, in that the Forum software is using SQL database search commands. Hence only a single word (no spaces) can currently be entered in this box. This is why the Google search button has multiple advantages.

We suggest before posting a new thread with your question, that you first try searching on your subject to see if a thread exists on the same topic. The advantage of posting on such a thread, is that previous posters there will receive an email notification of your question. Speeding response.


With the tabs selectors in the right column, you can alter your view of the forum. By default you are looking at Recent Discussions, sorted by date. Selecting Categories will show you a top level view of each category and sub-category. Selecting a particular category will show only threads in that category.


When you post on a thread, it is automatically added to your Bookmarks. These threads are shown with a gold star next to them. When a thread is bookmarked, you will receive an email notification when any new posts are made on that thread. You can also place the bookmarks / stars, manually by clicking on the blank star. Or conversely, remove a bookmark star if you wish.


By clicking on any username (in boldface) on a thread or comment, that will take you to the user's profile page. A 'Message' button there will allow you to send a private message to the forum user. This is helpful if you see that a particular user has experience or knowledge you are seeking, and you want to reach out directly.


In any post you create, you can 'mention' other forum users. This is done by placing an at sign in front of their username, for example: @wjcroft. This will cause that user to receive an email notification pointing to this thread or comment containing the mention. If they have already commented on the thread, they will receive a notification anyway when you post. The at-sign facility is helpful if they have NOT commented on this particular thread, and you want to get their attention.



At the top of the main site page, are tabs linking to each portion:

LEARNING: this contains the OpenBCI documentation, further divided into sections: Hardware, Headware (Ultracortex), OpenBCI Software, 3rd Party Software, Tutorials, FAQ

DOWNLOADS: downloads of the OpenBCI software for each platform

COMMUNITY: a page that highlights innovative applications of OpenBCI technology

FORUM: takes you to this forum

FAQ: same page as LEARNING / FAQ

SHOP: the OpenBCI product store

JOBS: job postings for positions at OpenBCI


GITHUB: source repository at

All of the OpenBCI software, firmware, (and hardware) source documents.


A global network of neurotechnology creators, with many using OpenBCI hardware. In addition to a site and newsletter, there are also local Meetup chapters and a Slack channel.


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