placing electrode sensors on the scalp

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hello guys,

i am a master student from Egypt, and my thesis is on pattern recognition of EEG to control  upper limb prosthesis. i decided to buy openbci , and i have a question about the electrodes.

should i shave my hair for using the electrodes you sell  ? and if yes which type of electrode can i buy to overcome this issue ? 


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    Ahmed, hi.

    No, EEG electrodes do not require shaving the head.  :-)  The two videos below are a good tutorial, with Tom Collura and Bill Mrklas of Brainmaster.  Note: the placement video shows the use of "NuPrep" abrasive solution on the site before the electrode is attached.

    The TI ADS1299 amplifier chip we are using has an input impedance of 1 gigaohm.  With such a high impedance, abrasive preparation is not really required.  It was more an issue with older amps having much lower impedance.  This link explains why newer amps do not require this.


    EEG 10-20 location system.


    Placing the sensors with Ten20 paste.


  • Thanks for posting this. It would also be very helpful if the creators could put together an Idiots Guide for getting your first reading test, and placement of the electrodes per the color coding used within the software. Maybe this is coming soon, but I found this step rather daunting.

    Also, it is now clear that one needs a helper to really do this. Somewhere in the Getting Started it should make that clear. This is not something one should tackle on their own the first time - it only leads to frustration.
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