Ganglion board missing data in recorded text file

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Hello, I have been
trying to figure out this slight concern I have noticed over the past month of
working with my Ganglion board for EEG recordings. I usually have recording
sessions of around 5 minutes for testing sake. With the EEG set to 200hz (0-200
so 201 samples per second) I was expecting there to be 5*60*201 or 60,300
samples in the recorded file. At the end of most of my recordings there are
only around 60,000 samples, leading me to believe that there are around 300ish
missing samples. Is this normal? Is it due to Bluetooth inference or dropping
packets? Or, am I just completely missing something here?

OpenBCI GUI Version –

Bluetooth Adapter:
CSR8510 A10

OS: Tested on Windows
10 and Linux (Ubuntu on Virtual Box)

Ganglion Board was
purchased at the beginning of the year


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Hi Bpoole,

    So what you are noting is about one second of data is missing. When the Ganglion and recording is started, there is a small variable delay in establishing the initial Bluetooth communications, the inter-process linkage between the GUI and Hub, etc. So that one second is just the time to setup these things. 



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