BioEra with original Kickstarter 'Cyton'

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I've been trying to make the original kickstarter board work with BioEra trial.
I am using Windows 10 LTSB. The dongle is detected by Windows automatically and drivers are installed.
OpenBCI_GUI works nicely - the GUI connects to the board and reacts to touching on the leads.

Then i start BioEra and follow the example in the "3rd party Software" manual. I created a design which consists of FTDI object -> OpenBCI -> Osciloscope. I play start button, but see nothing in the Osciloscope screen. The blue light on the dongle is off.

Jarek from proatech was trying to help me. Here is link to the discussion we've been having:


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Replied on the BioEra forum you list above. 

    BioEra works fine here with my Cyton.


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