Android Tablet connect Ganglion via own app HOW??

Hey guys!

First Problem: My Android Tablet (Huawei) does NOT find the Ganglion Board in the bluetooth settings when I search for it. How is it possible to make the board visible and connect directly from the bluetooth settings?
OpenBCI´s tutorial to this is connecting the tablet via the nrfConnect app, which works fine - I would like to connect it through the bluetooth settings on the tablet.

Second Problem: I want to connect the tablet with the ganglion board via an app I found on Github (Link: What code do I need to look for the ganglion board and to connect to it from this app?

I´m very new to this and I´m happy with every help! 
Hopefully you guys can help me - even if it is just a little bit of help!

Thank you! 


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