Crazy Arduino Trigger Signal

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I would like to record some events triggered with an Arduino Leonardo.  Below is a Ganglion produced record of the reduced triggering signal.  The signal, high for one second and low for two seconds, has been reduced to 5 mV with a simple voltage divider (R1=10kΩ R2=10Ω).  Why does this signal look so crazy?


  • Because the ganglion uses a delta compression, i would assume you are making a change in voltage that is too fast to be properly represented in the 19bit difference between samples. Does this make sense? It has to do with the fact that you are instantaneously changing voltage, slow down the voltage change and you will see accurate recordings.
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    AJ, what is the maximum delta (in microvolts) that can be accommodated without losing accuracy? Since @rivarda is using this as a trigger, he likely needs a square wave.

    Rivarda, can you just use a different voltage divider to get your trigger down to say shifting between 0 uV and 100 uV? Currently your trigger is shifting between 0 uV and 5000 uV, which may be beyond the range of what the delta compression can handle.

  • That is a @biomurph question for sure. We could do the math but I’m pretty sure Joel has done it before
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