problems with Ganglion / Python / LSL

iblues93iblues93 Singapore
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Hi guys.

I have followed the tutorial to setting up the 4 channel Ganglion board and it worked for the OpenBCI GUI. I used a CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle and installed the driver using Zadig as WinUSB. 

However, I want to do live streaming of the channel data into Matlab and I found the library for the Lab Streaming Layer.

My python installation is completed successfully, and the problem occurs now at the board initialisation.

using the command python --stream ,  it raises an OSerror that no OpenBCI port is found. (Image of the error : image

So, I went to check my device manager to see the ports available on my laptop, and I found that the bluetooth dongle is not listed under COMs. (Image of the device manager :

Can someone tell me what have I done wrong or installed wrongly for the bluetooth dongle? I am not that familiar with the various drivers available for CSR 4.0. 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 


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