Updated firmware, 4th channel RAILED

jppcsantosjppcsantos Portugal
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Hello all,

I needed to upgrade Ganglion's firmware to version 1.1.2. I bought Sparkfun's FTDI Basic Breakout in order to do this.

I successfuly updated the firmware. However, since the update that the 4th Channel stopped working. This is the info I have gathered:

-With all electrodes removed, channel 1, 2 and 3 show "normal" values (around 10 uV) and the 4th channel is immediately RAILED.
-Doing the impedance check in the conditions above, the first three channels show impedances near 600kOhm, as expected. Channel 4 has an impedance of around 1 TOhm (?!?!)

Below are screenshots of this information. Is there anything I can do, or the channel is, indeed, dead?



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    João,  hi.

    What do you see if you connect all 4 electrodes to the scalp, for example. Most EEG systems do not operate well with the electrodes disconnected or floating. One test you CAN do, is use spring clip leads or Ten20 paste, to connect all 4 channels together with Reference and Ground. This should produce close to 0 uV. Be sure all 4 of your dip switches are in the common reference (not differential) position.

  • Hello William, 

    Thank you for your feedback. I tried the test you suggested and I'm afraid that channel 4 is dead. Oh well, I will try to use the other three. 

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Please email contact at openbci.com and ask for advise on how to proceed. The firmware update should not have killed a channel. @openbci @biomurph @pushtheworld.
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    That is very strange to see a channel go down after doing an over the air upload.

    Can you please try uploading the new v2.0.0 release candidate? https://github.com/OpenBCI/OpenBCI_Ganglion_Library/releases/tag/v2.0.0-rc1
    You can simply download the "hex" file on that page and use the nrfToolbox app to upload the file, no need to compile and such in Arduino.

    Is it possible the board got damaged physically?


  • rickychambersrickychambers Phoenix
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    Yes, pal, this situation is really strange
  • Thanks you all for your support. I will upload the software next week and give you feedback.

    Maybe the software update and the channel malfunction was just a coincidence and it was really physical damage, even though I didnt do anything to the board that would damage just one channel.

    In case this software update fails to revive channel 4, I will use my professor's Cyton board so nothing is lost.

    João Santos
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