Is it possible to record the Ganglion EEG stream on a mobile rather than a PC?

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I would like to conduct an experiment outdoor and for that I need the capability to record the EEG data to my mobile (have an iPhone but can get hold of Android as well), how can I achieve that? 

I will not have internet connection and won't need any visualization of the data, simply store it on the mobile for a later analysis. 



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Osh, hi.

    The short answer is 'yes', it is 'possible'.

    The long answer is, there are no current implementations of the Bluetooth Low Energy Ganglion data stream decoding, for Android or iOS. So substantial programming effort would be required. 

    However, since you are recording only, the SDcard feature on Ganglion may be able to record your data stream. I'm not sure of the current status of that feature. Nor how it is initiated without access to a PC. There are some forum threads discussing Ganglion SDcard.


  • Thanks William, since I need to execute the experiment within two weeks I'll skip the development option and explore the SD card one, if none is good I'll end up carrying a laptop in a backpack ;) 
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