CSR 4.0 System_ZADIG Installed but Radio Dongle is Turned Off - Not Recognized by Windows

hradiationhradiation NW Region
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I bought the Ganglion & CSR 4.0 dongle from Open BCI in June 2017.

I've tried many times to carefully execute the online instructions for the Ganglion & CSR 4.0 system provided by Open BCI using a Win10 desktop without success. 

The Blue Tooth CSR 4.0 Driver has been installed to run the CSR8510 A10.

The radio dongle is plugged into various USB ports, i.e. #0002.Hub_#0005.  Radio is turned on, and blue LED light is flashing. The Device Manager also indicates "This device is working properly." However, when I try to discover and connect with the ganglion board, it doesn't show up when Windows scans for it.

I then installed ZADIG .
However, when I change the dongle driver software to the recommended WinUSB using Zadig, it doesn't work. When ZADIG is installed (overrides Blue Tooth 4.0) ---
The blue tooth radio / dongle is turned off. I cannot turn it on again in BlueTooth settings. Furthermore, after ZADIG is installed, the  CSR dongle is no longer recognized by Windows.
I've run through the trouble shooting section provided by OpenBCI without success. 

What am missing here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated !


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