how to connect to Arduino board

Hello Eveyone,

I have a Ganglion board and OpenBCI_GUi, and I need to send response to the Arduino board but problem is Ganglion use dongle connect to GUI, and I need to change the dogle to COM port for Arduino can see it. 


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Use a separate Arduino board on a separate usb port (COM port), to send your control commands to that dedicated Arduino. This is how the hex bug and shark demos were done.

    This is also much easier as you don't have to mess with the Ganglion firmware. And doing digital output to an EEG board can disrupt microvolt level signals.

  • @wjcroft

     I already connected there but had another problem, that OpenBCI_GUI.exe (version 2017) dont send the response, changed some codes on source folder, but its not work like OpenBCI)GUI. when try to compile said have some bugs, or dont have hypermedia library! as u know hypermedia doesnt have a version that work with processing 3x  
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