Will Ganglion suffice for robotic arm control?

edited June 2017 in Ganglion
I want to build a project that will be a simple 3 or 4 servo robotic arm where I would like to control the
up down motion with my left arm by say tensing it (using a muscle sensor) and the left right
motion with my right arm( also muscle sensor). The open close of the
hand/end of the robot arm I would like to control using EEG brain signals
from one or two electrodes as a sort of experimentation. So, my main
question is, for me to be able to use say 2 gold cup electrodes and 2 muscle
sensors, would I be able to use the 4 channel Gangleion board? as in would I
need more channels? also, I'm slightly confused on how the Gangleion board
would interface with say an arduino board and if the muscle sensors plug
into the arduino or the Gangleion. Any input or answers would be greatly
appreciated, thank you!
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