BCILAB, NodeJS LabStreamingLayer and Ganglion. Anyone had some luck?

Hey guys,

I'm trying my best to get my ganglion streaming to BCILAB. The data is leaving the NodeJS/Python LSL fine, because I can receive it in python perfectly, though once I try to send it to Matlab/BCILAB it gets stuck at:

Looking for a device with type='EEG' ...

Ive tried @Gabelbagon suggestion of changing ReceiveData.m:

result = lsl_resolve_byprop(lib,'type','EEG'); end
result = lsl_resolve_byprop(lib,'name','OpenBCI_EEG'); end
result = lsl_resolve_byprop(lib,'source_id','openbci_eeg_id1'); end

though still no luck.
If I replace the liblsl-Matlab dependancy with the most recent version it manages to get the stream, though then I'm given the error: 
Error in reading block function
Too many input arguments.
occurred in:
run_readlsl/read_data: 183
@()read_data(inlet,market_inlet,opts.always_double): 0
append_data: 86
@(timer_handle,varargin)append_data(stream_name,stream_id,timer_handle,block_reader): 0
timercb: 30
timercb: 13

And then just continues to repeat this at the same rate its acquiring. 

Has anyone had any luck with the Ganglion/LSL combination that could point me in the right direction?
I'm using macOS Sierra, Matlab 2017a. 

Thank you


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