No meaningful data from Ganglion - is it broken?

Hello everybody,
I recently received my Ganglion Board, but are unable to get meaningful data from it.
I followed the tutorial instructions, but as I start the data stream (not plugged to any sensors) I
- get rubbish noise values in the time series
- get fixed values for the accelerometer (as soon as I start all three values become -1,376g and do not change even if I move the board)
Below is a screenshot of the gui:

I have done the tutorial on a desktop pc with Windows 7 and on a laptop with Windows 10 - same results.
Especially the fixed accelerometer values seem odd to me.

Besides, when I use the headset and connect the electrodes to the board and execute the impedance test, it does not do anything. The logo appears and nothing else - no progress or anything.

So, any ideas what I am doing wrong. Or is my board broken by arrival?

Kind regards and thanks in advance


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